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How can you have a blue sky cloud ceiling panels in a room with no windows?

Welcome to Artificial Sky, a service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). We are the leading supplier of the largest ceiling art, LED skylights, virtual sky cloud ceiling panels systems and modularization panoramic wall murals used to create customer and patient friendly environments for commercial and residential use throughout the world. To create life-size visions of nature for a ceiling, you must use life-size imagery. Using a proprietary imaging process exclusive to Artificial Sky, we are able to capture real photographic images of the sky that are 1,000,000 times larger than competitors with no fuzzy, blurred imagery or pixelation hassles!

Biophilia is the Love of Nature

There has been hundreds of research reports showing the positive effects of incorporating our healing art and biophilic friendly products into healthcare design. Biophilia, most easily defined as “the love of nature”, is the idea that people function best in the natural, green environments we evolved in, with other life around and with spaces that are more like natural habitats rather than boxes with dull, lifeless ceilings and walls. Biophilic design accompanies green building perfectly because its products are sustainable, blurring the boundaries between building and landscape to relax and soothe the soul. Even though people may be happy in a suburban bungalow or urban high-rise, we are most at peace when walking in a park, looking at the ocean or hiking in the woods. Biophilic spaces can reduce unnecessary stress and depression, enhance positive social response, speed up recovery times, provide medical patient distractions, increase staff productivity, increase retail sales, encourage educational growth in students and even make tight, claustrophobic spaces seem wide open. Best of all, our products are maintenance free and will provide years of enjoyment for customers and staff alike. With an Artificial Sky ceiling mural overhead, you will immediately SEE the advantages.

Meet the Team

Mark Jenzen is a service-connected disabled veteran who spent quite a bit of time in and out of hospitals, not only with his own military-related training injuries, but also helping to improve outcomes for family members battling cancer.

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Mark Jenzen

Founder & CEO

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