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artificial skylights hospitality design
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Faux Natural Lighting and Why it is so important!

Artificial Sky has been primarily used in healthcare design the majority of the time, but now architects and designers are specifying Artificial Skylights in hospitality spaces, retail stores, entertainment venues, school classrooms and corporate workspaces. The demand for natural lighting in spaces is overwhelming. However, what if your space cannot offer daylight due to structural constraints or budgetary reasons? What products offer faux natural lighting? Which faux natural lighting products specialize in CCT and SPD? What is the difference?

designing a car dealership
car dealership with Artificial Sky lighting

Only one company offers a faux skylight so realistic, so powerful, that when you close your eyes, you can literally “feel the light”. Artificial Sky offers a virtual skylight with an amazing spectral power distribution that elicits a behavioral and biological response in the human body. Our Virtual Sky can wake you up or help you sleep better depending on the settings you choose. For example, imagine taking an 8-hour flight from NYC to Frankfurt, Germany, and having a 2-hour layover in the airport. If you are experiencing fatigue or jetlag, you might miss your connecting flight. However, if airports offered artificial skylights, tuned to the correct time of day, and had the SPD feeling like the sun was shining down, you wouldn’t feel tired, you would feel Grrrreat!

virtual skylights in healthcare design
virtual skylight in emergency room

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