Custom Artificial LED Panneling

Using a proprietary technology developed with the help of NASA, our clients can enjoy larger-than-life images of nature that harness the healing properties of daylighting into any space.

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Artificial Sky

virtual sky office installation neuroscience design
Virtual Sky office illumination in human centered design

Here are 9 of the most important factors to consider when designing artificial virtual sky or retrofitting your workplace environment for improved mental health and employee wellness in the United States

1. Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing

Studies show that the frequency and amount of time spent in nature correlate with feelings of mental restoration. An extra 30 minutes spent in nature increases this restorative effect and can be even more dramatic with individuals experiencing higher stress levels. Even looking out a window into a garden or experiencing skylight views overhead can contribute to a reduction in stress and improved cognitive health. These mental benefits can become especially significant in older individuals suffering from chronic stress, especially in the workplace or experiencing traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one.

2. Increase Productivity & Attentiveness

Studies have been led by Cornell University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (among others) on the impacts of natural light on office laborers. Analysts have found that individuals who work in structures with abundant daylight and numerous windows and skylights will quite often sleep better and work more effectively than the people who work under poor lighting conditions alone and have no view of the outdoors. Artificial virtual sky, Skylights are an ideal answer for commercial buildings, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and schools that might not have the choice of adding skylights or windows in each room or putting their staff or understudies close to windows.

3. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Working or even just sitting under poorly made LED, incandescent, or fluorescent lights all day has been shown to increase anxiety and stress levels due to either the intensity or lack of natural lighting properties.

4. Decrease Strain on Eyes

Eye strain, frequently brought about by over-illuminating a space, happens when your eyes are overexposed to luminaires that are too bright for the space, they are located in. While strolling into a room with ultra-bright lights, especially early in the morning, the strain on your eyes isn’t generally obvious, however, the long-term effects can be devastating for workers and staff. Artificial virtual sky LED skylights have 2 separate light disbursement panels that evenly diffuse light across the environment, making it easier on room occupants’ eyes and minimize eye strain.

5. Avoid Headaches and Migraines

Almost 40 million individuals in America experience the ill effects of headaches. While there is a wide range of causes, one of the most common triggers of a headache is the powerful glare from raucous lighting. The jarring glare of poorly constructed LED, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting causes stress on the eyes which can form a headache. Different sorts of cerebral pains plague many individuals every day of the week, which can likewise be set off or aggravated by the glare of bright lights. An ideal solution to this problem is to install virtual sky ceiling systems that can create a moving sunrise indoors, afternoon lighting with passing clouds overhead, a sunset, a night sky with twinkling stars overhead, and white dimmable daylighting that mimics sunlight precisely.

Virtual Sky office installation using neuroscience design

6. Mood Boost

Workers, staff, and students that spend too much time in windowless environments can negatively impact their body’s health, both emotionally and physically. Did you know that the average American worker spends less than 5 minutes outside per day under an unobstructed sky? A periodic break or lunch can assist individuals with just a little relief but installing Artificial Sky in these spaces can play a major role in positively impacting their body’s health and boosting their mood. Artificial virtual sky LED skylights bring the outdoors in and help to create an environment that replicates nature to improve mental health and well-being.

7. Better Rest & REM Sleep

A recent study by NASA revealed that LED lighting suppresses melatonin, which leads to better management of circadian rhythms in the human body. This directly decreases the risk of sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep deprivation. While this is a major health benefit generated by LED lights, there are many others including the ones discussed above that should entice you to include Artificial Sky in your next lighting plan or retrofit.

8. Energy Efficient & Longer Lifespan

With power costs rising all over the world, power-saving LED lights are a huge win for corporate offices and commercial spaces. In comparison to incandescent or older fluorescent lights, LED skylights and our Virtual Sky can save about 70% of energy and last approximately 8 times longer than fluorescent lamps and almost 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. However, not all LED Skylights are created equal, only Artificial Sky has more than 7,000 installations in 32 countries and is known for using the longest-running LED lights, proprietary terabyte imagery that resembles the outdoors precisely, with the closest specifications to natural daylight.

Artificial Sky LED Skylights in office environment improves mental health and employee wellness

9. American Made

Walk into any major retail store, grab an item at random off the store shelf, and look at the label. Chances are you will see the same three words on the tag: “Made in China.” Depending on the product, it might read “Made in Mexico” or “Made in Vietnam” – but it almost certainly won’t say “Made in the USA.” This is also true in the architectural and design products community, especially with lighting.

However, Artificial Sky, a service-disabled veteran-owned manufacturer from Detroit, Michigan is aiming to change the way architects and designers specify lighting by launching their own recessed and surface-mounted luminaires for the North American market that will mimic natural daylight precisely by automatically changing kelvin temperature and lumen intensity throughout the day to replicate natural sunlight, not to mention last 80,000+ hours and come with a 5-year warranty. Choosing to specify Artificial Sky is one small way for you to support American workers and help our economy grow stronger.

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