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Using a proprietary technology developed with the help of NASA, our clients can enjoy larger-than-life images of nature that harness the healing properties of daylighting into any space.

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Artificial Sky


Why Should You Consider Purchasing Sky & Cloud Modules from Artificial Sky Gallery for Your House or Place of Business?

Using the sky and cloud modules from the Artificial Sky portfolio of sky ceiling light panels, any place may feel serene. The realistic cloud patterns and gentle, natural lighting can help people feel less anxious and stressed. Furthermore, they are visually stunning and can enhance the overall aesthetics of any space. The sky and cloud panels can be customized to fit the décor of any room or office and provide a unique and beautiful visual element. Studies have shown that exposure to natural lighting and outdoor scenes can improve productivity and well-being. The sky and cloud modules can help provide a connection to nature even when indoors, leading to improved concentration and productivity.

Advantages Of Sky Ceiling Light Panels and Sky Ceiling Murals

Create A Tranquil Atmosphere:

Sky ceiling light panels and murals may bring any room a sense of serenity and harmony. According to a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, being in natural surroundings like the sky and water might lower stress and boost well-being.

Improve The Aesthetics

Sky ceiling light panels and murals can improve the overall aesthetics of any area because they are aesthetically attractive. According to research in the Journal of Interior Design, using natural substances in interior design might enhance how the room is perceived.

Improve patient outcomes in healthcare settings:

 A study published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship found that exposure to natural elements like sky and water can improve patient outcomes in healthcare settings. According to the study, Patients reported less pain and anxiety when exposed to these elements.

Senior Living Common Area | Artificialsky

Boost Mood and Energy

More exposure to daylight and clear skies can enhance the body’s circadian cycle, increasing mood and vitality. According to research in the Journal of Sleep Research, morning exposure to blue-enriched light boosts happiness and attentiveness.

Create A Sense of Openness

Sky ceiling light modules and murals can Make a space feel wider and more inviting by creating a sense of openness.    According to research in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, exposure to natural components like the sky and clouds might give people the impression that their surroundings are spacious.

Sky ceiling light panels

Provide Affordable Lighting Options

Sky ceiling light panels and murals, which employ energy-efficient LED lighting, can offer an affordable substitute for conventional lighting options. In addition, they can result in long-term cost savings and need little upkeep.

With fluorescent lighting, sky ceiling light panels can offer an affordable method to enhance the ambiance of a space. Artificial Sky company produces high-quality fluorescent overhead light diffuser modules that simulate the sky and other geological features to lessen glare. Arizona Sky, California Skies, and Springtime Bliss are just a few of the designs offered for the panel manufactured at Artificial Sky Company. The designs feature a unique and lovely representation of the sky and other natural components. The designs are manufactured using highly electronic printing methods that guarantee that the hues and designs are bright and long-lasting.

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