Custom Artificial LED Panneling

Using a proprietary technology developed with the help of NASA, our clients can enjoy larger-than-life images of nature that harness the healing properties of daylighting into any space.

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The Most Common Sky Ceiling Debate Isn’t as Black and White as You Might Think

I have walked into thousands of commercial offices, hospitals, municipal buildings, hotels, entertainment venues. K-12 schools, airports, basements, retail stores, etc. That have spent countless hours on sustainable design and millions of dollars trying to create a jaw dropping space. With the-top furnishings, beautifully decorated walls, impressive floors, do you know what they all have in common? They all sorta “gave-up” on designing the ceiling and installed WHITE, BORING ACOUSTIC CEILING TILE!

What Artificial Sky Can Guide You About Sky Ceiling?

Did you know there is a green building alternative to white, boring acoustic ceiling tile? Did you know this ceiling tile “alternative” fits directly into standard 2’x’2 and 2’x4′ suspended ceiling grids, is made from 87% recycled content, has some of the highest NRC and CAC values in the business, LEED credits, Class A fire rating and will be replaced for free if there is ever any water damage?

Facts About Sky Ceiling

What if I told you there was a Veteran-owned company that actually manufacturers some the largest acoustic tile sky ceilings, decorative sky ceiling art and LED skylights on Earth, up to 50,000 sq ft in size… would you be interested in learning more? Did you know many medical facilities have incorporated products from Artificial Sky to help patients recover faster? In this, academic institutions have started integrating ceiling murals with a touch of nature to encourage, make classrooms more conducive to learning. A lot of business establishments began to realize the benefits and use this sky ceiling art to make their employees more productive and in the retail setting, virtual sky ceilings entice customers to stay there longer.

Now You Can Have The SKY CEILING Of Your Dreams – Cheaper/Faster, You Ever Imagined

The best part is, Artificial Sky acoustic ceiling tile install in seconds! Could your office use a lightning quick design overhaul? Does your office have any windowless spaces? you tired of working in a dimly or poorly lit environment? Are your employees and staff lagging a bit in the afternoon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, try installing an Artificial Sky, you will immediately SEE the advantages!

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