Custom Artificial LED Panneling

Using a proprietary technology developed with the help of NASA, our clients can enjoy larger-than-life images of nature that harness the healing properties of daylighting into any space.

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Artificial Sky


The colorful, programmable LED skylights from Our Artificial Sky provide appeal to reception areas, conference halls, hospitals, classrooms, and other locations. The energy-efficient skylight replacements can display everything from marine life and nighttime sky views to sky imagery with clouds, rainbows, or greenery in the sky. Even your photograph can be uploaded for a unique design. The Even-Glow Skylights generate uniform illumination through images without any apparent lighting or hot spots courtesy of edge-lit LEDs and illumination guide panels.

LED Skylights mimic actual skylights

Advantages Of LED Skylights

Psychiatric Advantages of LED Skylights

Enhanced Mood: Exposure to natural light has been associated with mood enhancements, and LED skylights can imitate this effect. Your mood may be improved, and you may feel more upbeat and energized as a result.

Decreased Stress: Research has also shown that exposure to natural light can lessen stress. LED skylights have a relaxing impact that might help you feel less stressed and more mentally healthy.

Improved Productivity: By adding more natural light to an area, LED skylights can increase productivity. You may become more focused and alert, enabling you to do more.

Physical Advantages of Virtual Skylights

Virtual skylights are typically less expensive than traditional skylights. The skylights don’t require installation or cutting a hole in the roof, which can save money and time. Moreover, they can be customized to fit any space or design. They can be adjusted to simulate different types of natural light, such as sunrise or sunset, or to match the time of day or season. Furthermore, they require little to no maintenance, unlike traditional skylights, which can require cleaning and upkeep.

LED Artificial Sky Collections Options

Standard Selections

Designed in 2 × 2 and 2 x 4-foot configurations, the adjustable LED skylights could be flush-fitted or installed in drop ceilings. Use our Troffer Substitute Lenses to replace your current troffer lens with our manufactured plates

Tunable White Selection

We provide 2×2 and 2×4 foot adjustable white LED skylights for drop ceilings. The plates have remote-controllable white color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5000K. Tunable white selections are perfect for businesses, colleges, clinics, basements, and more because of their advantageous ability to imitate natural lighting cycles. One can also employ the control to darken our LED Skylights after choosing their preferred white color temperature.

Multi-Panel Selections

We provide multi-panel Lighting Skylight solutions with images spread across numerous panels for eye-catching displays. You can browse our stock photo collection, post your picture, or pick from a few sky styles. You can select a design or customized configuration based on your multi-panel item.

Varieties Of LED Skylight Mounting

We provide various mounting and installation solutions for our simulated LED skylights to suit your demands. We have alternatives, whether you require the entire equipment or just a new lens for your current troffers.

Drop Ceiling

The LED skylights are made to be put in drop ceilings that are hanging. A rear-mounted controller box is present on each panel illumination


The skylights can be installed on the edge of a ceiling. Each lamp comes with a surface-mount plate for mounting to recessed connection boxes.


You can submit a print or pick from available high-resolution inventory photos. We provide a range of distinct print sets to fit any location you intend to add your simulated skylight.

healthcare New York CT Scan 14ft Oval


These photos of the cosmos are stunningly intricate and are bound to, please. The images were created by  NASA utilizing the James Webb Telescope.


The unusual patterns in our water print series, including pictures of a shark and underwater sunshine, provide a soothing and engaging ambiance. Tension and anxiety problems can be reduced by using cool blue colors.

Entertainment Arcade


Our assortment of tree prints makes adding simulated skylights with lovely greenery to any space easy. Choose from various pictures, including palm trees, floral trees, and autumn foliage.


With the night sky selection, you can add some flair to your lighting by selecting from a new moon, thunder, the Galaxy Way, or the stunning Northern Lights.

Night shot with palm trees and milky way in background, tropical warm night


The stained-glass series may give areas a classy appearance. That would be an excellent complement to the lights in cathedrals, museums, and many other places.


With our cloud design assortment, you can give the LED skylight a genuine, peaceful appearance by adding sunbeams, rainbows, and sunsets.


Our colorful hot air balloon photos, which feature amusing shots of the balloon pictures in the clouds, provide lively splashes of color. The package has four distinct versions.

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