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Using a proprietary technology developed with the help of NASA, our clients can enjoy larger-than-life images of nature that harness the healing properties of daylighting into any space.

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A clever idea that is never ignored: Backlit Ceiling

A solution that changes the entire look of the surroundings. Who doesn’t want a backlit ceiling in their corridors, offices, waiting areas, and hospital rooms nowadays? We use Lights, and LED panels that play a vital role to make our surroundings more beautiful and relaxing. To decorate interiors most people use hanging lights which are old fashion now. We shall tell you how to design the space accordingly and make a relaxing environment using Backlit ceiling tiles or Printed designs that enhance not only beauty but also save space. We use a new technique here: A backlit ceiling with you to make your sitting areas more comfortable. A question arises in your mind: what is a Backlit ceiling and why do we use it so here we tell you about the backlit ceiling and the benefits of a backlit ceiling.

Backlit Ceiling Benefits

High-performance LED lighting is combined to create backlit ceilings. Artificial Sky ceilings, which can be either printed or white, are more frequently used to ensure that light passes through. In an office situation, LED lighting must be bright, consistent, dependable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. In addition to offering superior illumination, it also uses less energy, lasts longer, and is environmentally beneficial.

Usage of Backlit ceiling

It establishes a setting that improves the mood in the room. Because the light sources are spread over a broad area and hidden behind the materials, the main benefit of this style of lighting is the lack of glare. Backlit ceilings are available in different finishes, including matte, satin, metallic, canvas, transparent, and gloss. As backlit stretch ceilings can transmit up to 75% of the light behind them, translucent Backlit ceiling panels reintroduce an innovative approach to lighting solutions by diffusing and softening lights without losing any essential brightness necessary to make the room more aesthetically pleasing and inviting.


backlit ceiling panels virtual skylight

Material of Backlit

By dispersing and softening light, artificial sky translucent material is used to create lighting effects. Translucent material improves the mood of any environment and produces an atmosphere that lasts forever. Using the fabric with integrated lighting will create a dramatic and sophisticated appearance. In Backlit ceiling panels or walls, we use this material Not only does translucent material transmit up to 75% of the light. Low- to medium-brightness LEDs (5 to 50 lumens each) are often mounted on strips or modules and provide the backlight’s energy source. Because the illuminated surface has a large surface area, low-power illumination is the ideal choice.

Enhance the Beauty of your interior using A Backlit ceiling

A Canvas without artwork is worth less like that Backlit ceiling is a canvas in which artwork enhances beauty with light .can you imagine a room with a look of the garden in it or a corridor decorate with a look of the sea in it its all possible now you can choose Backlit ceiling with your favorite artwork and enjoy the beauty in the little space also.

It’s easy now to create 3D modules with high-quality led lights by using a Backlit ceiling. By diffusing and softening light without sacrificing any necessary brightness. Translucent backlit ceiling panels provide a novel way to custom lighting solutions. To make it a more versatile and practical solution, make it dimmable and remote-controlled. We will discuss several special difficulties that arise during the correct design and installation of a backlit ceiling.

1:Good light transmission

The rate of light transmission should be taken into account while selecting a light source. For instance, the luminous flux of the LEDs behind a translucent material. With a 50% rate should be 10000 lm if you need 5000 lumens for 20 square meters in an office room. Warm tones have the best effects when utilizing printed images on ceilings; avoid using dark, absorbing colors like black or dark gray.

2:Ideal gap between the ceiling and the LEDs

The distance between individual LED strips or modules should be equivalent to the distance between the LEDs. The stretch ceiling since LEDs typically has an illumination angle of 120 degrees. For some unique LEDs, the distance ratio should be 1.5 because their tilt is 180 degrees. We advise keeping the translucent material at least 30 cm away from the light sources and, ideally, up to 50 cm away for the best results.


LED’s Selection in Backlit Ceiling

Installed LEDs that have the lowest color shift and longest lifespan. Long-lasting LED lights with less color shift are recommended for installation with huge dimensions. If the light source’s brightness decreases too quickly or the color temperature changes the installation need to be entirely replaced for that reason choosing the right LED,s for the Backlit ceiling is important to enjoy the lifespan of a ceiling.

Using an LED source with the right amount of LEDs and light output

A stretch ceiling can provide ambient, general, or even task lighting. As well as be used to guide visitors, highlight specific locations, or reflect a particular design trend. When deciding on the type and luminous flux of the light source to be utilized, we strongly advise that you keep the lighting’s intended to function in mind. These are the key points that always need to be in mind whenever we go to the Backlit ceiling. Always keep in mind the ideal technical person whenever you install it to save time and money also.


Choose a Backlit ceiling to enhance the beauty of the surrounding new variation in the ceiling. Give the best look that gives you a comfort zone. A fascinating development in interior lighting is the ceiling or lighting ceiling. A diffuse, even, and peaceful interior illumination can be achieved by employing. A translucent material that is many square meters in size with a backlighting system. Because the light sources are dispersed over a wide area, the main benefit of this style of lighting is the lack of glare. After reading this you knew very well how to install a ceiling and artwork selected according to the area you have chosen to make it more elegant and stylish.

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