Increase Workplace Productivity with Light Therapy or Artificial Sky

If you’ve ever had a cubicle job, you’ll understand that staring at the same fluorescent white lights and tan-colored walls can put a damper on your happiness. It also tends to be a spot for daydreaming about where you’d rather be – and turning to catch a glimpse at the sky out of a neighboring office’s window.

The truth is, the reason why our minds falter when we have nothing to look at but a computer screen or a picture of our cat is that we need that natural light, that absence of whiteness, that connection to nature, to get our work done more productively.

Example of an Artificial Sky Ceiling
Luminous Sky Ceiling


David Strayer, a Behavioural Psychologist at the University of Utah who specializes in attention, told National Geographic that “our brains aren’t tireless three-pound machines; they’re easily fatigued. When we slow down, stop the busywork, and take in beautiful natural surroundings, not only do we feel restored, but our mental performance improves too.” It’s important, as part of a busy day, to let our minds come back to our bodies for a moment every now and then, because sending our brains into overdrive doesn’t mean we get more work done – it means we wear down faster and sub-par work takes the place of productivity.

Many of us who work in offices for long days, associate the dim lights of the office as the only light we see in a day, especially during the winter months. In fact, 40% of workers in the US are working in poor lighting, says an article on Forbes. Dr. Pragya Agarwal, the author of the article, says, “As we spend much of the day in artificial lighting, there is evidence that the lack of natural sunlight has an adverse effect on the body and the mind, and can result in conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).”

Light Therapy for Workplace Wellness
Luminous Sky Ceiling


The seasonal affective disorder is depression caused by a lack of adequate light in the fall and winter months. By incorporating an artificial sky or natural light therapy into workplaces, the office can increase happiness, reverse or decrease the possibility of SAD, and even promote strong immune systems, meaning less sick time off for employees.

How has your office incorporated natural light into the workspace? Could your workplace benefit from an artificial sky or luminous sky ceiling? Reach out now to discuss options for approaching your management with the benefits and increased productivity of an Artificial Sky overhead. For specifications and pricing please contact


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